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Starline Aero's management is driven by a team equipped with strong multicultural background and diverse aviation experience.
From Singaporean, French, to Vietnamese, Filipino and Cambodian, the team is deeply rooted with Asian knowledge and international standard.

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Thierry Tea

Thierry brings 15 years of experience in sales, entrepreneurship, and investing in different industries in Europe and Asia.

Thierry began his career as a Sales Manager at Airbus Helicopters before rising up the ranks and becoming the President & CEO of Airbus Helicopter Philippines, making him the youngest CEO of a subsidiary in the group. He also became Country Head of Airbus Group overseeing the Defense, Space and Commercial Aircrafts divisions of the European Conglomerate.

After serving 10 years in the Airbus Group, Thierry ventured into entrepreneurial projects across various industries such as Agriculture, Financial Services, Food Processing, Luxury, Tech and Real Estate, holding interests in 17 companies. Having been in Asia for more than 15 years, Thierry has proven to be an astute entrepreneur who has the skills and network needed to establish businesses in different markets.

As CEO of different companies, Thierry has generated a cumulative turnover of more than USD11Bn and millions for other shareholders.
Thierry worked in Singapore, Shanghai, Paris, Manila and Hong Kong.

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